I can’t decide

We’ve had a lovely couple of days here at Sandy Creek Campground on B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir in East Texas.  The weather was a bit cooler that we’ve been used to (I haven’t had my hoodie off yet), but it’s been so quiet and peaceful that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our R&R time here.  Gary got a couple of chores done and I got caught up on my email and internet work. And we both caught up with our naps. We spotted a family of bluebirds and a pair of cardinals and far away in the distance we’re pretty sure we saw a flock of American white pelicans.  But aside from the birding opportunities, what I really enjoyed were the sunsets! And since I couldn’t decide which sunset I liked best, or even which picture I liked best, I had no choice but to post them all (well, not all – trust me, there were plenty others!)
Shall we watch the setting sun from yesterday?

And then how about tonight?

And really, there is no need to decide, is there? Each one says to me –

Be still, and know that I am God.

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