Happy March!

Quick review of my February Goals:

Daily posts on this here blog – 100% 🙂
Was it a good thing? It was harder than I thought it would be, but all in all I enjoyed our evening chats each day. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep that pace up, but I do hope I’ll do better at keeping things up to date. I’d love to hear how ya’all enjoyed (or not!) the everyday updates!

Letters to all of my grandchildren. :\
I’m 3/5th of the way there. I don’t know why I can somehow come up with something to say on this blog each day, but when it comes to writing a letter to a five-year-old, I get stumped. Short-term goal is a letter to Maddie (5) this weekend, postcard to Noah (2 1/2) by the end of the week. That will bring me up to date, and I’m hoping to get another quick round off before we actually get there after this month’s project. I’ve been including stamps with my letters, so maybe I’ll hear something back!

Walking every day. Uh……20%….maybe? 🙁
Man, I need a walking partner! (Or maybe that’s just a cop-out!) I started strong, but lost my “umph” after about a week. I’m hoping this month to find a walking buddy (from either outside or inside this motorhome!) and get back on track.

Thanks for joining Gary and I on this journey! And look – I’ve started off March with a POST! 🙂

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