First couple of days….

Have been going very well!
The weather has warmed up nicely and today the wind even died down. 🙂
The first task I was assigned to was dusting. Yes, dusting. They have this wonderful building just off campus that used to be the local high school. The camp has converted it into their adult conference center (you know, for folks that don’t necessarily need time on the high ropes course!) and renamed it The White House.
Our team’s task was to give all the bric-a-brac, knick-a-knack, stuff a good cleaning.
Not only are there big beautiful hallways, but there are also 26 guest rooms with their own variety of bric-a-brac-a-knick-a-knack-a. It was really a nice easy way to start the project! We have a about a dozen rooms yet to go, but today we moved to the office and worked on their camping season mailing.
And after that was done, we moved to the really tricky task of the day.
Filling “treat bags” with candies for an upcoming ladies’ retreat.
It was hard work, but someone had to do it. 🙂
While half of the ladies worked on that candy project, the other half were hard at work painting.
Honest, they NEEDED someone to do the candy bags!!!!!!
For the guys, the next three weeks (weather permitting) will be focused on installing fencing. A LOT of fencing – like 2300 feet of new fencing. As in dig the holes and start from scratch 2300 feet of fencing. I snapped a shot of them on the first day –
and already Gary thinks they have put in about 700 feet of posts.
Thank goodness for a concrete mixer and a couple of augers! And a big crew!
If the weather holds, they feel pretty good about being able to get the job done by the end of the three weeks. I’ll keep you posted! (Get it – post-ed….hehe)

And remember how I said that spring was on its way here in Dry Creek?
Coming soon to an azalea near you too!


4 thoughts on “First couple of days….”

  1. Soon? We don’t have azaleas but our dwarf rhododendrons are buried under several feet of snow! Maple sap is running though. Yummm.

  2. Honest, Lynne – spring WILL come. God gives us that promise! 🙂 Are you guys going to get this latest storm too? Guess the ski slopes are happy, eh?

  3. Looks like a beautiful place. That’s a whole lot of fencing to put up. You can be glad yau had candy bags to fill!! We are still in Fl. We are in Sanibel for a few days then heading to Clearwater to pick up Phillies spring training games. After that we go to Atlanta for a few days with Bob’s sister then head home slowly. Don’t need to get back to the cold too soon. Hope to be home by the 16th. We have had a wonderful time being out of the cold and being close to Jennifer and family for a month+. Did work at their new house. Bob built a closet and I sewed curtains. Got to teach Kierra (8) how to sew. She made a pillowcase and was so proud. She seems very interested in sewing. Have a great time there.

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