Wrapping things up, in a random sort of way!

We still have three days left here at Dry Creek, but with the Big Fence Job done it really feels like the project is winding down.  The guys have moved on to building up the berm behind the rifle range and some other miscellaneous maintenance chores and tomorrow we ladies will be working on a 3000 piece mailing that looks like it will keep us busy for the rest of the week.  And Thursday we’ll all be helping with the Community Fish Fry that the camp hosts – about 300 folks from ’round here come for a catfish lunch with all the fixins’.  We get to enjoy the meal and then help serve the guests.  And then, for a final Cajun culture blast, we’ll be treated to a Crawfish Boil.  Been lookin’ forward that for a couple of weeks! So, while there are still busy days ahead, this week has that definite “last week” feel. So as I was taking a look through some of my pictures I thought I’d share a couple of random photos from our time here at Dry Creek.

This is Todd. He’s the camp director and this picture was taken as he was sharing about duck hunting during devotions one morning. (Honest, there was a spiritual side to the devotion, too!) Needless to say, this is a man who takes his duck hunting seriously. As he said, those ducks have to fly past a lot of rednecks before they get to Southern Louisiana, so he needs to make sure he’s good and ready for them! He’s a great guy – and has been a wonderful host to us SOWERS.

This is Bill Linger (blowing out the candles) and his wife Marilyn (on the left). Jim turned 80 earlier this month, and he and Marilyn have worked over 100 projects! We truly have been working with SOWER legends!

This is ALL of us! We snagged this picture one morning before work, and promised ourselves that we’d take another one when we were a bit more “cleaned-up”. Well, one of the couples had to leave due to a family situation, so it looks like this will be our “official” picture. Don’t we look like a hard working crew! 🙂

DCC Flowers
Spring is bursting out all over down here –
When we arrived….
Taken today…..
Even with just my phone camera – it’s easy to see Spring!
Like I said, somebody's got to do it!
This is me, dusting again. 🙂
GDO DryCreek-1
This is downtown DeRidder, about 30 miles from Dry Creek and our closest “center of commerce”. We had a lovely Ladies’ Day Outing one day last week, where we enjoyed the company of some of the staff for a visit to a sweet local museum and a yummy lunch out.
GDO DryCreek-3
The museum had an extensive doll collection and of all the thousands of dolls on display, this one caught my eye –
GDO DryCreek-2
Can you see why?

Oh, and on a slightly more random note – have I mentioned that by this time next week, I’ll actually be hugging that little cutie? OK, so she’s 4 years older and I’ll probably have to catch her first, but still……

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