Just to let you know….

that we are still alive!
After February with its “Post a Day” frenzy, and even most of March where I was shooting for every other day, the last 10 days have been just a blur of grandchildren, basement remodeling, flu and cold bugs, and well, just general blurriness! Each night as we would wrap up our time in the house (usually right after the kids went to bed), we’d head out to the RV, I’d check my emails for anything critical, glance at Facebook to catch any highlights, and then reflect on how I really needed to update this blog.
And then I would go to bed.

Literally, the night that the kids all went out to Bible Study, Gary and I were in the RV and IN BED by 6:30.
OK, enough whining! It wasn’t all coughing and wheezing – there were some delightful times during our stay in Marysville, and I’ll try to highlight some of them over the next couple of days. Right now we’re on our way to Montrose Bible Conference where we’ll be working on (and completing, right?) Part II of the Dryer Hall A/C project for the next several months.
Back on the road, headed to Montrose, PA. Sad to say farewell to the kids and the grands, but we're excited for our next adventure!
Tonight we’re parked at a Flying J along Interstate 80
and tomorrow (Lord willing!) we’ll  complete the last 200 miles of the trip.

And as hard as it was to say good-bye to these little sweeties (and their Mom and Dad),
I have to tell you I am Very Ready to put out the slides, tidy up the house, and begin to catch up on the life that somehow continued on last week, even though I was (happily) stuck in Grandchildren Mode.

Right now….it’s off to bed!
Sweet Dreams!

One thought on “Just to let you know….”

  1. Oh Stephanie, We will be glad to see you 🙂 again, but as you arrive you will see that it is still very cold here 🙁 27 degrees at our house this morning. It is suppose to warm up to 50 tomorrow. Will look for you at Efree Sun. Praying that you have a good and safe trip today. Barb

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