Digital Girls

OK – one last post about our time in Ohio……
I’ve discovered that one way to totally engage your young (but not too young)granddaughters is to give them permission to use your digital camera. And your phone camera.
(The little cutie in this picture is their cousin Harper, who Tammy cares for during the week! 🙂 )
Oh my! What fun they had snapping away – especially with the Photofunia program on my phone!
Ellie as street art.
Hayley as an illustration in the book
Maddie on a billboard
And the dangerous robber, Noah.
Oh – and don’t forget Mom on TV –

When they were using the Big Camera, the only rule was that they kept the strap around their neck. I think they did pretty good!
They even got one of me
and Gary
Hard working, getting over the flu, just let me close my eyes for a couple of minutes, Gary. Bless his heart!

So. Even though there were lots and lots of other giggles and fun times I think it must be time to move on to more real time posts. However, if you’d like to see some additional pictures of our time with the kids and grands, I’ve tried to do a little organizing –
The Basement Reno
Easter Fun
Zoo Day-4
The Zoo Day!
The Ohio Bird Sanctuary
General pictures of the kids at play
And if you want to see the whole kit and caboodle (well, about 85 of the 400+ pictures that were taken over the course of the week anyway!), you can see them HERE!

But lest you think that this is the end of Grandbaby pictures in general – let me just say we’re headed for a visit with our Lancaster kids and grandson this weekend.
Just sayin’…….

2 thoughts on “Digital Girls”

  1. Are you heading to Doylestown anytime soon? Saw Linda yesterday and was wondering when you’d be in the area so the group can get together and catch up with things. Let us know. We are all anxious to see you again, I’m sure. Have fun in Lancaster with the family.

  2. I expect that we’ll be in D-town sometime this summer – just don’t know when exactly that will be. But I PROMISE that seeing all my quilting buddies will be high on my must-do list! 🙂

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