Ya gotta start somewhere

Let’s do a little recap about what we’re doing here at Montrose Bible Conference.
Last summer we began the task of installing central Air Conditioning into Dreyer Lodge, a circa 1925 building that includes 26 guest rooms, a large lobby and a dining facility. We knew that the entire job would be a two summer event, so when we almost completed the second floor rooms (22 rooms, 5 units and miles of control wire) by the end of last summer we were delighted. (I’m using the word “we” quite generously here. Let’s face it, while I suppose I was a valuable helper, my man is the total brains and talent behind this job.) When we left in August last summer we left a big ol’ notebook with all of the equipment information along with a detailed list of what still needed to be done.
And believe me, already we’ve realized how smart we were to write that all down, because man, we’ve slept a lot since then and now. But aside from the finish work that needs to be done for all those units on the second floor, we haven’t even started on the 4 rooms on the first floor. Now you might think that only having 4 rooms (one unit) as opposed to 22 rooms (5 units) would make this part of the installation a snap. However, while the actual job is quite a bit smaller, the working location is quite a bit less than favorable.
And that picture was taken AFTER we cleaned it out!
So that was where we started this morning. Gary in the cave crawlspace, moving “stuff” to the doorway for removal.
The rest of us carrying it outside for disposal. Now there was a fair bit of copper and metal that can go to the scrap yard ($$ :)), but we may never know why some of this stuff was stored in this crawlspace.
Christmas trees, nursery toys, lots of lumber, pieces of drywall, vacuum cleaner??????
And then there’s all the general rubble – guess we’ll just be crawling over that!
So after we got most of the trash out of the way, Gary and I worked on stringing lights. Let’s face it, we have to be able to see to work!
Gary would get them hung, and I would follow behind and put in the light bulbs. When all was said and done, the lighting was pretty good.
But in a sense, it really just illuminated some of the more delightful parts of the work area….
OK, let’s face it – this stage of the job will be challenging for both of us, but especially for whimpy ol’ me. These will be my new best friends –
…and I think a hard hat will be joining the collection!
Later that morning we trucked up to the attic to see how the insulation made it through the winter. And yes, there are a couple of pieces that will need to be re-taped.
But after our short morning in the crawlspace, the attic looked like the Taj Mahal of work areas.
I’m really going to miss the whole standing-up part.
Oh, and the no cobwebs.

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