A lovely Lancaster Weekend

We headed south this weekend – for a little work and a little play and a little grandson! 🙂
We started the weekend with a wonderful visit with our dear friend Bill and his dear friend MaryAnn. We did a bit of driving around Lancaster County and ended up at Shady Maple where we managed to stretch lunch into a couple of good (and tasty) hours! It was wonderful to catch up in person, plus he wanted to know how the work was going at the Bible Conference. (He came up several times last summer, and we’re looking forward to his help again THIS summer!) Of course, I took no pictures (I’m really slipping here!), but trust me – it was a great start to the weekend.
After our visit with Bill and MaryAnn, we headed to the kids’ house and that sweet grandson! We hadn’t seen them since last August, so there were some very overdue hugs needed! But before we get to all the hugging part, let’s talk a moment about the work part of the weekend!
Remember Josiah’s Renovation that was begun last spring? They got a lot accomplished, but as busy life would have it, not a whole lot has happened since. Abigail has done a great job of decorating around the missing trim and unfinished front wall and all in all the “great room” has a great feel! But Gary came with his tools, and while there is still plenty to do, much progress was made over the weekend.
This was how the front window looked the last time we saw it-
This is how it looked as Josiah and Gary worked on it over the weekend
And finally as the room got put together, just a bit closer to being finished.
Oh, there is still plenty to do, but between getting that front window area dressed up a bit and installing most of the baseboard and some door trim,
it certainly was a ‘gotta a lot done” kind of weekend!
While Josiah was at work on Friday morning, Gary did tackle some electrical work that needed to be done. And he had a great helper!
Need some help, Pops?
And those shots are (of course) the perfect segue to this little guy – our sweet little Weston Gary!
Weston - April 2013
Oh my, did we have a great time getting reacquainted with this dear 21 month old or what!?!
And you know what – it was pretty wonderful catching up with the whole family!
Three of my favorite people! @aconrad07
Before we knew it (and after a traditional stop at the DQ!) it was time to head back over the mountain.
One of the best perks of being in Montrose for the next several months is the fact that we are less than 4 hours from our ‘Lancaster Family’ – and I know that we’ll be making another trip or two (and they may even get here!) before the summer is over. I mean really, how can we resist this little cowboy!
Yee Haw!

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