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One of the benefits of being a Sower On Assignment (a long-term SOWER assignment that generally involves a specific task or job – as in, we’re here to do the A/C installation), is that we have a fair bit of flexibility. This is especially true right now as we are just ramping-up the project again, and we’re waiting for some key elements before we can really begin in earnest. So Gary can start his day as early as he chooses and he can work until he’s at a good stopping point. It also means that since we are a team, on the days that he doesn’t need my extra set of hands (and my excellent fetching skills) I get to enjoy a couple of “light-duty” days. This week he’s been getting started with the returns and supplies. I won’t go into all the fun we had deciding on the location of the holes (picture Gary in the rooms with the drill and me in crawlspace with the cobwebs…… 🙁 ), but since most of his work this week has been in closets
he hasn’t needed me quite so much. I mean really, where would he even put me? I was called on today to do a bit of clean-up, since he does make a bit of a mess-
But with a little sweeping, a bit of vacuuming and a good damp cloth,
it wasn’t a very hard job to get things back to normal!
So what have I been doing during my ‘light-duty’ days? Well, in-between times that Gary does need me, I’ve been playing catch-up – with housework, work-work, and laundry. And when I felt like things were at least moderately under control, I pulled out the sewing machine!!! Yippee!
Have you ever visited the Craftsy webpage? It offers video classes on all types of crafts – quilting, knitting, spinning, weaving…whatever! I love that once you’ve purchased a class you get to take it at your own pace and it’s available (in its entirety) forever. I started a Block of the Month class back in January 2012 (which was free – and still available. Just sayin’) and I was anxious to get back to it. I have the blocks made, and I’m machine quilting them using a quilt-as-you-go technique (another Craftsy class, geared to the BOM quilt) and as of today, I have six of the twenty done!
BOM Start
Except for the border fabric, I’ve only used fabric from my ‘stash’, so that’s why it has a somewhat eclectic feel!
I’ll keep plugging away at it –
and see how far I get before my ‘light-duty’ days are gone!
I also might get a bit distracted because I have another quilt I need to get working on. And that would be a baby quilt!  I’m excited to share the wonderful news that Toby and Tammy are expecting a baby in September!  This little one will join 4 very excited siblings who can’t wait to meet their little brother/sister (we can’t either!).
That house is getting pretty full – it’s a good thing we usually bring our own bedroom! 🙂

Better get some good rest tonight – I think Gary said something about “back in the crawlspace” for tomorrow. Gulp. Guess the quilting will have to wait!

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  1. I so love the quilts you have made. Wonderful variables in color and design, it’s so refreshing to see quilts made the original way. I enjoy following your site very much. Take Care , God Bless

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