We’ve had a productive week here at MBC.
– Returns in closets on the first floor installed, painted and all trim reinstalled – Check
– Mess cleaned up by trusty assistant – Check
– Review of parts still needed and ordered. – Check
– Build bracket for unit in crawlspace – Check
– Discover a supply of carpet strips to use in the crawlspace. 🙂 This should really help with the crawling about!
– Hang the unit, and have it all ready for when the supplies arrive on Monday.

So that’s a summary of where we are on the official job. Since we were just hangin’ around this weekend, we were also able to help out with some back-to-back banquets. The first night I was in charge of the gravy, and the second night they actually had me out serving folks. Black pants and white shirt and everything.
What trusting souls they are!
And while I was either dishing up gravy or delivering food and pouring coffee, Gary was busy here –
And he does dishes too!
Yep, turns out that Gary LOVES working in the dish pit. Who knew???? I’m pretty sure he’ll be spending some more time in the Pit over the course of the summer!

And on a final note – we’ve moved!
OK, it was only a half mile, but I don’t often get to drive behind the rig and take pictures!
We’re back in our same spot from last year
and while we have a bit more settling in to do (it’s been pretty nippy outside, and not especially conducive to putting out the awning and rugs) it’s nice to be back in the old neighborhood!

That delivery truck is expected tomorrow morning, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be spending some quality time on our knees next week.

Let’s hear it for Knee Pads (and old carpeting)!


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