The Birthday Weekend – Part One

This past weekend was Gary’s Birthday. (Happy Birthday, honey!) And he celebrated it just the way he wanted to!
OK, so maybe crawling underneath the cabin wasn’t the highest thing on his list, but being AT the cabin for his birthday weekend was just where he wanted to be. 🙂
Weather-wise, it’s always a little risky going to our Vermont cabin this early in the spring. As we crossed Vermont we could see the snow still on the ski runs and even though the sun was shining,
we weren’t all that confident that the weather was going to cooperate over the weekend. We were to be the first ones up this year and to make the weekend more adventurous, we knew that due to some recent storm damage there was no electricity. But with a borrowed generator in the back of the truck and a promise from the electric company that if we got it wired to the “masthead”, they would come out to run the wire back to the cabin and TURN US ON, we felt we were ready for whatever the weekend might bring!
This is how the electric service into The Cabin used to look –
This is how it looked after one of the pine trees next to the cabin sheared off in the wind and fell across the wire coming in from the pole.
It not only pulled out the connection to the cabin, but apparently took out most of Wrights Mountain too! The electric company came in and got everyone else running, but left us shut down until we could get the outside wire re-done.
It was decided to move the meter to the other corner of the cabin
(which of course required painting all that nice gray conduit. Sometimes Gary’s wife can be quite fussy!)
and then we (he) had to get the wire back to the inside electric panel over on the original side of the cabin.
Hence the belly-crawl under the cabin!
The electric company arrived the next day,
and after just a bit of ladder work
and some fancy drilling to get the lightening rod through the rocks (or at least finding the magic spot between the rocks),
a little bit of conference talk…..
and a REALLY LONG POLE to turn on the switch –
and we were back in business!
There’s still a bit of finish work to do, but all in all, I think it turned out quite nicely!

The Birthday Weekend – Part Two coming soon!

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