The Birthday Weekend – Part Two

So, just where were we? Oh – the electric, right!
Well, once we had power, it was time to get the water hooked up. My brother and his wife, along with my sister and hubby, were coming up in the afternoon to work on the water, so it seemed like a good chance for us to do an early morning run to Lowes/Home Depot (about an hour away) to pick up supplies for the Next Big Project (finishing up the shed remodel). It was a beautiful morning, and we had a lovely drive north to Littleton –
The Connecticut River
Farms along the way
The winding road ahead.
After a great breakfast at the Littleton Diner, we loaded up at the side by side “home improvement superstores”
and headed back to the cabin to concentrate on the water set-up.
Since the well is a fair distance from the shed (and the pump) there is quite a line of black pipe that needs to be connected and checked.
Then of course, there’s the actual work at the well
needed to get the water up to the pump.
(Pretty fancy-schmancy for a mountain cabin, doncha think?”)
The whole process went very smoothly and before we knew it, we “had water”.!
Gary cranked up the hot water heater, and by the end of the day had taken the first hot outdoor shower of the season!
(Personally, it seemed a bit chilly to me for an outdoor shower , so I stuck with the shower down at Elna’s house.)

By the end of Saturday, the cabin was up and running and ready for the season!  It was a beautiful weekend through and through – Even though the mornings were a bit chilly
that’s what we have this for, right?

Beautiful weather, beautiful company, beautiful spot.
It was hard to leave on Sunday, but the crawlspace at Montrose was calling us back.
So back we came, thankful once again for the blessing called The Cabin.

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