A little bit of this, a little bit of that

It’s been that kind of week.
Gary got a lot accomplished this week.
It’s looking pretty good, isn’t it?
See the connection between the black insulated duct and the long skinny square ductwork?
Well, those are the supply dampers and  home to the controls which will turn the A/C on and off as the room thermostat ‘calls for’ cool air. And anything that will be transporting cool air needs to be insulated. It’s a rule. We’d  insulated 22 of them up in the attic, but even though we only had 6 to do here in the crawlspace, it still presented quite a challenge.
As usual, Gary got the short end of the deal, by having to handle the inside while I worked on the carpeted side (although I did have to “fussy cut” around the controls and wiring).
OK, it’s not pretty, but it’s done!
Even after showers, we were still both itching!
These are the returns, and I’m happy to report that since they handle the air returning to the unit (and no longer cool) they do NOT have to be insulated. Ah, the goodness of it all!
After we got the insulation done we (he) moved to the copper piping. Suction lines, liquid lines – except for helping to smush the insulation onto the suction line, there wasn’t much for me to do.
Yeah, I don’t help much with this either!
But there was something we worked together on later in the week –
Can you guess what we’re doing here?
You got it – we’re running the thermostat wire into the last two rooms. Gary’s in the basement feeding up the wire fish thing-a-mig and I’m trying to grab it with a hook and a pair of needle nose pliers.  Then I’d pull it through the hole (trickier than you might think, doncha know) and tie a piece of string on the end. Then he’d pull it back down, attach the thermostat wire to the string, and I’d pull it back up. That’s pretty much where I’d leave it (though I’d make sure that the wire couldn’t slide back down the hole, honest!). I do go back and program the thermostats, but Gary’s the hooker-upper guy.
By the end of the week he pretty much had the crawlspace work wrapped up, tidied up the workspace and moved all his tools back to the truck. He did, however, leave the carpeting down. Such a class act. (I’ll try to get a pix of the crawlspace masterpiece, but I didn’t want to put off this post – gee, it’s been a week already!)
So while Gary was busy all week, there wasn’t all that much that he needed me for. A little thermostat wire pulling, a bit of insulating (ugh!) and some help with the copper piping. And no one needed me in the kitchen either. So I had many additional hours back at the house where I kept myself busy working on the SOWER newsletter and working on my quilt squares.
I must say, it was a good week for both of us!

You might think we’re just about done with the A/C, but I’ve been promised by my guy there is still lots to do! And judging by the parts run we made to Lowes last week
we’ll (he’ll) be busy for a while yet.

Did you have a good Mother’s Day? Ours was quiet but sweet. We enjoyed a lovely buffet after church and then spend the afternoon just hanging out.  Missing my kids a bit extra today. And my Mom too.
Blessings, friends!

2 thoughts on “A little bit of this, a little bit of that”

  1. Oh my! Looks like you guys have been very busy and…..I feel like I’ve let you down. I still wanna come help. I was actually looking forward to helping with the crawl space stuff. But, it looks like you got most of that punched out. Are you going to have anything left for me in June? Say yes!

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! We still want you! Gary is saving some work for when you are here – how do you feel about lift trucks???? And we’ll certainly let you crawl around in the crawlspace – no problem there! Soooo looking forward to you coming and helping!

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