The rest of the story….

You knew there would be more pictures, right?  I mean, really – 5 pictures?
It’s almost a compulsion with me. Taking picture of and around the cabin.
Can I find a new angle?
cabin in may
Get a good shot of those tiny wildflowers?
Capture the beautiful morning mist….
cabin may 2013
that I knew would break into beautiful crystal blue sky before I finished my last cup of coffee-
When I walked to the pond, would there be something different to photograph
or would I succumb to the classic cabin/pond shot
just a little off center.

Adding to the Cabin-picture-taking-addiction, I not only had my new “big girl” camera, but I also had a new iPad which not only takes a pretty fine picture, but also has some fun apps to make things a little more interesting. (And of course, I also had my Droid phone to further complicate the choices!). Here are some collages to help summarize the beautiful weekend we had.
cabin may 2013
That misty morning
Cabin-VT May 2013
A general collection of cabin sights
Cabin-VT May 20131
Maybe there’s a new angle in this group?

Then there’s the Shed Project. Gary started this last summer (actually the summer before if you count the improvements to the outdoor shower), and I have lots of pictures of the progress. When it’s all done I’ll probably do an official post, but for now here’s just a little summary of what got done THIS weekend.
Shed - May Progress
(There will be double doors in the front – it does look a little weird right now!)
And finally, after the tools were put away and the lawn was mowed and the cabin all tidied up, it was time to say farewell –
Saying good-bye is such sweet sorrow.....
Until the next time when we pack up the truck and head back to The Cabin!
Vermont Roads
(This is my other obsession – taking “windshield” pictures!)

Well, thanks for hanging in through all these pictures!  And if you’d like to see a couple more (and the full size ones from all the collages) here’s a link to the set in Flickr.  Cabin May 2013

(Disclaimer – Flickr just totally revamped their website, so if that link doesn’t work, let me know. It still has me a bit confused!)

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