A Change of Pace

During our months here at Montrose we’ve worked in the attic
and we’ve worked in the crawlspace.
This week Gary put some time in in the woods.
Gary in the woods
Can you see him down there? I’m standing up where the RV is parked and I could hear his electric saw, so I knew he was down there somewhere. Let’s go find him!
There he is! He’s working on a revamp of the deck used for their tree swing. It started out as a three sided deck with a low railing. According to the inspection guy, the railing needed to be about 6 inches higher and there also needed to be an opening – for when the folks are swinging and a gate for when no one is swinging. Does that make any sense? A good before picture would have been really helpful here, right?
Of course, I don’t have a before picture, but here it is with the added six inches and the opening made.
And here it is by the end of the day – height added, gate built.
Swing gate
Swing gate
And……with the gate open…..
Swing gate
He really enjoyed this little change of pace – and I enjoyed watching him and hold a board now and again!
It was a very pretty day
and it was great to be working outside. We were planning on painting picnic tables the next day, but the cold front came in and brought some good old fashioned rainy days. Today it has hardly gotten out if the 40’s and rained off and on, so the painting has been back-burnered for sure!
But SOWER work aside, we have some very exciting days ahead.
Tomorrow this sweet family will be arriving for the weekend!
Three of my favorite people! @aconrad07
Memorial Day Parade and Chicken BBQ included!

MemorialDay2012-13 2012-05-28_11-37-34_922

And then just two days after they leave, Girls’ Week 2013 will be starting!!! We’re doing a PA version this year (we’ll all miss our time at the cabin, but after all, this is Girls’ Week, not Cabin Week, right?) so Elna is coming here and picking me up for the rest of the drive to Joie’s.
Watch out, Green Park – it’s Girls’ Week PA Edition!

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