Family Fun

What a lovely weekend! Like most of the east coast it was cool (OK, it was cold), but that didn’t seem to bother us at all! Weather aside, we had a lot of things working in our favor this weekend! Josiah and Abigail were able to stay in a motel room at the Conference Center, so we didn’t have to all squish into our little house. (And everyone could get their Sunday afternoon nap without any trouble!) As an added bonus, since there were guests at the Conference Center, the kitchen was cooking – and that meant I didn’t have to! 🙂 The weather improved as the weekend progressed, and we were able to fill the weekend with a couple of “firsts” for little Weston.
The First Hike.
This little guy did GREAT!
Salt Spring Hike-2
We explored Salt Spring State Park and ended up on a trail that combined some pretty steep climbs
Salt Spring Hike-4
with some au natural terraine
Salt Spring Hike-5
and finally some nice boardwalk stretches
Salt Spring Hike-7
Salt Spring Hike-6
and some great views of the forest too!
Salt Spring SP-2
Salt Spring SP-3
Salt Spring SP-1
Weston helped us stay on track
Salt Spring Hike-9
and never was afraid to lead the way!
Such a fun time!
Salt Spring Hike-14
(And there are a couple more hike/Weston pictures HERE. Just sayin!)
Memorial Day dawned bright and sunny and we got to introduce Weston to his FIRST Parade! And it was just “Weston Size”. Lots of fire trucks,
Memorial Day 2013-6
lots of flags,
Memorial Day 2013-4
some “marching” dogs,
and some great motorcycles.
It lasted about 20 minutes (just right for a 22 month old), and Weston loved every minute of it!
Memorial Day 2013-7
Memorial Day 2013-2
Didn’t you, Weston! 🙂

So it was a great weekend! Great accommodations and food (thank-you Montrose!), fun activities and most importantly –
great kids!
Salt Spring Hike-8
I have to tell you, a good time was had by ALL!
Memorial Day 2013-8

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