You knew, right?

I mean, you knew that last week was Girls’ Week, and that there was WAY TOO much going on to spend time blogging. Right? Although my computer did come along for the ride, I had it open for about 3 minutes to take care of some necessary work and that was IT. I kept a casual eye on my email (thanks to my trusty smart phone), and ok, maybe I did sneak in a move or two on Words with Friends, but this last week was all about Sisters and Family! And what a wonderful week it was!
Joie, our default host for the week (after all, we were at HER house!), did a great job of balancing family and fun and even a bit of shopping! Oh, and let’s not forget chocolate and (non-competitive, of course) game playing!
We saw just about every piece of family within a 150 mile radius and even shared phone calls with those offspring who were farthest away (like Israel!). From sweet Moomie (Joie’s MIL (age 92))
Sisters and sisters. A breakfast love-fest. :)
to tiny Isaac (Joie’s newest grandson (age 2 weeks)),
(“just who ARE all these people who won’t put me down????)
our days were filled with hugs and giggles and some pretty silly (and hilarious) games. We managed a trip to Ross (Dress for Less), a variety of yard sales and a couple of quilt shops
Smile Spinners
along with a field trip to a family legend – BB’s Grocery Outlet -“Bents, Bumps and Bunches of Bargains.” Needless to say, we all came home with more than we started with!
We each won a game or two (but who’s counting….) of Rummikub, the game of choice this year,
Let the games begin! #girlsweek
and probably ate just a bit too much chocolate (but we’re not counting that either!).
We wrapped up our week with a very special overnight at a nearby bed and breakfast. It was right along the Susquehanna River, and while Joie thought that it might cater mostly to fishermen, it seems that what it is actually known for is train watching. You see, it is located right next to the Rockville Railroad Bridge – the longest stone masonry arch railroad bridge in the world. Here is our view from the deck –
BridgeviewView copy
The only other guest at the B&B was quite the train enthusiast so it was almost like a guided tour of each train that crossed over the bridge. Great fun – and a great spot for the official GW13-PA Edition sisters pix –
It was, truly, a grand week. So many wonderful memories, so many precious hugs, so many blessings indeed.
And the final joy of the week – stopping to see Aunt Berta (our Mom’s one remaining sister) on our way back to Vermont.
Aunt Berta
Not sure it can get any better than that!

If you’d like to see a little slide show of these and some additional pictures (don’t worry – it’s only about 30), just click on the link below. Enjoy! (I’m still trying to figure out all the ins-and-outs of the “new” Flickr site. All of these pictures have captions, but you seem to have to view it full screen (find that at the bottom border) and then choose “show info” from the top right once you get to full screen. OR – click on the link at the top border. That seems to take you to the group on Flickr without the slide-show feature.)

End Note –
Following GW13 I joined Gary up at the cabin, where he’s been bachin’ it since I left for GW last Wednesday! It’s pretty sweet being able to extend my GW goodness with a couple of bonus days at the Cabin. Guess you’ll be seeing more of that it the days to come!

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