Babies and Buds

During one of our first trips to the Cabin this year (late April), I noticed a bird’s nest in the rafters in the shed area.
Actually, this is what I noticed first –
By the time we returned in May, there was definitely some activity in the nest.
And by  Gary’s arrival after Memorial Day it was chock full of baby birds
and we were VERY happy that Gary had put a board under the nest to catch the, um, overflow!
The parents seemed OK with Gary hard at work nearby
and all seemed well until one rainy day when Gary returned from a break to find the nest on the ground, and the babies gone.
Except that on closer inspection, they weren’t gone. But they certainly hadn’t flown away, either!
At least one of them had the good sense to get out of the rain.
Eventually they found their way to each other
and after a bit we realized that there actually were three!
It was cold and damp, and while I could hear Mom and Dad in the bushes, there didn’t seem to be any feeding going on.
By Saturday morning, I was feeling pretty bad – should I figure out some way to feed them? Find some type of bird rescue? Just let nature takes its course? Ugh.
Well, I’m happy to report that when I returned from a trip to town, Gary reported that he had seen them fly away. (Guess he was checking up on them too, the big softy!).
I think this guy (and his two siblings) is a little young to be out of the nest, but the nest fell down. Sure hope Mom keeps an eye on them.
Looks like letting nature take its course was the way to go!

Another great perk of being at the cabin early in the season is the beautiful display of wild iris at the pond.
I’m happy to report that the first week in June seems to be just about the perfect time to view the beauty.
What started out as a small clump in just one area
has now (delightfully) spread to about half of the shoreline.

A couple of summers ago, as I was walking along the bank I actually witnessed one opening up. What a delight!
What a wildly wonderful world, God!
You made it all, with Wisdom at your side,
made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.

Psalm 104:24

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