(Spoiler Alert – it’s not the A/C {yet})
Eighteen months ago I signed up for a free class over at (which is a great site for all kinds of crafters, BTW, not just quilters! Check it out sometime!) It was the 2012 Block of the Month class and I figured it was a great way to use up my plethora of fabric (aka The Stash). Each month they presented a different technique and had you construct two blocks (usually with a little modern twist) using that technique. The premise was that by October you’d have 20 blocks, November you’d sew them together, and by the end of the year you’d have a completed quilt. I must say that the true beauty of the course (and every course offered by Craftsy) is that the classes are always available, so even if you get a month or two behind, you can still watch March’s class in June. Just sayin’. In case that might ever happen to you.

And so I got started – all Stash, all the way!
BOM Start
By January of 2013, I had all the blocks completed!
BOM Jan 13
Next came the quilting! By this time, the good people at Craftsy (in their infinite marketing wisdom) were offering a course called “Free Motion Quilting a Sampler” based on (you guessed it) the 2012 BOM Quilt! Along with the traditional method of quilting a full quilt top, it also taught a ‘quilt as you go’ technique that really appealed to me, given my limited studio (i.e. kitchen table) space. So I set out to quilt each block individually, following the expert guidance on the computer! Borders added (full disclosure – I did purchase the border and joining fabrics) and backing selected (also from the stash), ready to quilt!
It was great to only have to handle a 15 inch square instead of a 60 x 75 quilt top,
Quilting BOM
and while I still have a long way to go in my free-motion quilting, I’m definitely a lot better than I was.

BOM Start
The joining of the blocks went a bit more quickly that I thought it would (thankfully – I was a little nervous about how that would all work!), and by noon yesterday, a mere 18 months after I started the project, it was FINISHED!
BOM Complete-1
BOM Complete-2
Quilting each block individually gave me the opportunity to use up a batch of fat quarters that have lived in my stash for about 15 years (they came as a bonus with my sewing machine) as the backing. And that made for a pretty interesting back too!
BOM Complete-4
BOM Complete-5
It feels pretty good to wrap up that project.
But here’s the thing.
Back in January 2012 when I was starting the whole project I decided to do two sets of blocks each month. One with my green/gold/ecru stash and one with my blue/yellow/white stash.
And those, dear friends, are still staring me in the face!
BOM Complete-7
All in good time. All in good time. Next up on the quilting agenda is a Baby Quilt! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Finished”

  1. Just found your RV blog and am loving reading it! My DH and I are about to purchase our 1st (very small!) RV and I am about to get back into sewing after a long time off from it. I would love to do a little sewing in the rv. I have looked into the BOM classes on Craftsy that you mentioned and am looking forward to trying more quilting. I’ve done very little of it. Thank you so much for your awesome posts and for your mention of the classes! Safe travels to you and your DH 🙂

  2. Jenny – Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words! We had never done ANY rving before we hit the road full time, and have never looked back! Sewing the the rig can be a bit of a challenge, but as long as you have an understanding husband (and a simple plan for dinner!), you should have a great time. Safe travels, and happy sewing to you too!

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