The BIG Finish

THIS time I’m talking about that A/C project at Montrose Bible Conference. Last week, with the help of our friends, Bill and Mary Ann, Gary was able to wrap up some of the last loose ends for the installation. With the extra hands (and one of those crazy lift trucks)
Yeah, Gary's having a good day!
he able to get that suction line leak fixed up at the roof-line and run more thermostat wire (yes, MORE wire!) to connect the heating system to the new thermostats. (This actually had nothing to do with the A/C installation, but it only made sense to combine the functions into one thermostat. Gary had wired the thermostats for both heat and cooling, so we “just” had to get the new wire from the zone valves to those wire connections. Which pretty much meant from the basement to the attic. Which meant long stretches of conduit on the outside of the building. Which pretty much meant gobs more wire. Which is pretty much way more information than you could have possibly wanted. Sorry.)
Here are Bill and Mary Ann working on the conduit. (I had a really cute picture of Bill and Mary Ann actually looking at the camera, but it has disappeared inside of my iPad. Ah, sweet technology!)
In a way it wasn’t a week of hard strenuous work, but it was great to be able to have someone on each level of the work to check for signal lights, dampers open, fan on, etc.
This might just look like a little green light to YOU, but to us it meant that the thermostat was talking to the damper which was talking to the fan which was telling the compressor to turn on and start cooling! We needed to see 28 of them!
{Side note -It was great having Bill and Mary Ann hanging out with us! It turned out to be a pretty rainy week, so we didn’t have much ‘sitting out under the awning’ time, but we share meals and played games and were blessed by their company. And hey – during one of those rainy days, Bill and Gary even got shelves built in the barn! Whatta team!}


This week Gary did a final check on the outdoor units
and I’m happy to report that with only a few glitches (really to be expected considering the size of the job and the miles of wire that were run)
by today everything was humming away. And man, did that feel good! Cool even!

We’ll tie up a couple of loose ends tomorrow and make sure the staff knows how things are set and what needs to happen to make them run. And that’s a good thing, because on Friday we pack up Lizzie and head south. Saturday we collect our granddaughter (Ellie, age 10) for the first ever “Stay with Grams and Pops in the RV for a week ” adventure. We’re so excited to be able to have this one-on-one time with Ellie (and then hopefully with each of the others when they turn 10). We’ll be checking out Washington, DC, the Aquarium in Baltimore, and some sights (and sounds!) in Lancaster. We might even jump in a pool at the campground! We’ve been waiting for this since she was born, so I guess you can tell we’re a bit stoked about it!

I’ll close tonight with a favorite shot of Gary –
if Gary had a Facebook page, this would be his profile picture. Just sayin'.
If Gary had a Facebook page (like that would ever happen!), this would be his profile picture!

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