My main job this week has been to get all the thermostats programmed and ready to go for the guests coming in this weekend.  All 29 of them. The thermostats, not the guests. Previous to this exercise I was pretty good at pushing the button to make the numbers go up and down.  Now I was going to have to deal with equipment settings and limits and differentials and….well, you get my drift. Gary had marked the trusty Instruction Manual with the changes I had to make and set me loose. Disregarding the notation in the manual that specifically said that programming should only be done by a trained professional. Hrmfph.
It took a while to just figure out what the thermostat was saying.
OK – that one was pretty easy – Cycle (6 times an hour)
This one, though…
CF9? Oh, I see – It’s CFG. And after discussing it with Gary, we figured out that that stands for “configure”. Go figure.
Then there was the clever use of the Fahrenheit symbol, to help spell out DIF (for differential).
Took me a while to catch on with that one!
Here are my friends from today –
2013 06 20
Ah, yes, it was a day for adjusting how I read things!
By the end I had it down to a good system – Hold, press, scroll, select, up arrow, fan button, mode button, menu, menu, etc. Phew. After I had checked and double checked that I had them set correctly (I think), I wrote up some “Basic Programming” instructions for the folks at the conference center and happily handed in these cards that had been placed above each thermostat over the winter –

Because, friends, 2013 is HERE and the A/C is ON!

Hey – have I mentioned (lately) that this little cutie is coming to our house (which will be moving about) on Saturday? And that we’ll get to love on her for a whole week?????
Ellie March2013
Just in case you missed it, I thought I’d mention it again.

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