I’m working on it.

Honest. After a jam-packed, fun-filled, a.m.a.z.i.n.g. week, we delivered our sweet Ellie to her mom and dad (and three siblings who also missed her terribly) yesterday. It was a long day – leaving our campsite in Lancaster just before 8AM, and pulling into our parking spot for the next couple of days near my sister in Perry County (PA) by eight that night – but with a true Sabbath rest today, we are beginning to recover from all the fun of the previous week. Let me tell you, being a tourist is hard work! Right now I’m sorting though the (you don’t want to know how many) pictures I took and the ones that Ellie took, plus the ones on my trusty (most of the time) phone, and trying to figure out how to organize things so I can document the trip without overwhelming anyone (including myself!). Tonight and tomorrow night we’ll be staying in Chambersburg (PA) (at my nephew’s) and taking care of some routine doctoring things, and then it’s back to Joie’s for a day and then it’s back to Montrose. The Head is Spinning.
So here’s a start – just one from each day.
Camera for the week
Saturday – Got her! And loaned her my old camera for the week!
Sunday – The National Aquarium in Baltimore
First Day in DC
Monday – first day in Washington, DC
WWII Monument
Tuesday – second day in DC – checking out the monuments
Wednesday – Travel day. Washington, DC to Lancaster, PA. And some extra pool time!
Sight and Sound
Thursday – seeing NOAH at Sight and Sound with “Uncle Woody” (aka Josiah) and Aunt Abigail
Train Museum
Friday – the National Toy Train Museum in Lancaster
Saturday – stopping at the Flight 93 Memorial on our way to Washington, PA to safely return her to Mom and Dad and the rest of the gang!

Oh, there will be more, I promise! But for now, it’s a start.

And RIGHT now – it’s time for bed! Gotta be bright and chipper for the Doctor tomorrow, right?

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