The Middle

Ten things we loved about The Middle of our adventure (Washington, DC).
1. The Metro. What better way to start an adventure than to navigate through public transportation. Green line, express buses, escalators…. We came, we saw, we conquered! (and we didn’t have to fuss with DC traffic!)


2. The Air and Space Museum. This was Ellie’s first choice for the Smithsonian’s and we hopped around from the IMAX 3D movie about the Hubble Telescope to the Spirit of St. Louis and back to space travel.

3D fashion statement.AirandSpaceMuseum-4AirandSpaceMuseum-5AirandSpaceMuseum-3

3. The Museum of Natural History. While Ellie wasn’t very interested in the dinosaurs or mummies, there were plenty of other things to see at this museum. Like the Hope Diamond and the gems and minerals and the butterflies!

Give the girl a camera......Fun at the Natural History Museum.MuseumofNaturalHistory-1

Butterflies DC
4. The Museum of American History. So much to see here – everything from American Icons like Kermit the Frog and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, to the First Lady’s Dresses and an amazing doll house. Oh, and a neat ol’ RV  over in the transportation section! Ellies Pictures-30Ellies Pictures-29

first lady dresses
5. Seeing the actual flag that flew over Ft. McHenry and inspired the Star Spangled Banner.
6. And then getting to help hold a replica of that flag while we all sang our National Anthem.
7. Our National Mall Walking tour. I think Grams and Pops liked this a bit better than Ellie, but our tour guide was great and I’d highly recommend them – DCbyFoot.
I think that Ellie might have thought these were a bit more fun –MonumentWalkingTour-6
Maybe next time!
We learned lot of interesting facts about the monuments themselves –
The Washington Monument, with all of its scaffolding.
WWII Memorial
WWII Memorial – with its two theatres of conflict.
The Vietnam Memorial – so moving in so many ways.
The Korean War Memorial – beautifully done
And the Lincoln Monument. We didn’t quite have the stamina to climb the stairs (it was at the end of our tour), but we’re pretty sure he’s still sitting up there.
8. The Hirshhorn Gallery.
Ellie really wanted to stop at a gallery, and since we were walking by, we chose this one. I’m not sure it was the best choice, but it certainly demonstrated the wide variety of what is considered “art”. Their special exhibit was on Experiments in Mixed Media –
Hirshhorn Gallery
9. A very patient Pops.


Who was also our designated pack horse, carrying our water and lunch and souvenirs all around DC!
We love him!!
10. And last but not least – the pool at the campground.
What a wonderful way to end a day of heavy-duty tourism!

And finally our “official” DC Picture. You might think it would be in front of a monument or important building. But for our dear Ellie, it’s owls all the way. So we couldn’t resist taking a moment to pause in front of the owl display!


As “Middles” go – this was a double-stuff!  There is so much to see and do in DC that we (obviously) only scratched the surface! But for us, it was just right.  Next up – The Big Finish!

In case you were hankering to see some additional pictures of our DC adventure – Here you go!

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