New Visitor

I know I’ve written before about how much we’ve enjoyed the birds that have come to visit our bird feeder.
Goldfinches, housefinches, tufted titmouse (titmice?), nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, blue jays and even an occasional grosbeak have stopped by to visit. It’s been lovely!
Gary installed our bird “station” right in front of the RV, so we have a great view. And we haven’t had too much trouble with squirrels since it’s a really tall pole (not that that ever really stopped a squirrel), and Gary installed a sheet metal cone about half way up.
Since we were gone for the last two weeks, the feeders emptied out, and as often happens, the birds went to find fuller feeders! We got right on the stick after our return, filling up the feeders with seed, freshening up the hummingbird feeder and even adding a suet block that we had picked up in our travels. And then we waited. It was looking pretty dismal until just yesterday when I spotted a pair of goldfinches enjoying not only the sunflower seeds but also checking out the suet. At last, I thought! They’ll spread the word, and our feathered friends will be back. To add to my excitement, just as we were leaving for dinner (Yippee for Camp Week and meals being served to staff and volunteers!), I saw a house finch on a feeder. My heart was glad.
However, when we returned just an hour later, this is what we saw –
Bear Attack-1
Yikes! That was either a giant bird that can lick out a suet container
Bear Attack-3
or (you guessed it) – a bear.
Since we didn’t clean it up right away, the big guy came back later (actually a couple of times later) to finish up the seed.
Yeah, pretty sure it was a bear. He came back for dessert.
I don’t know if it was the addition of the suet, or if it was just time for the young bear to find the stash, but I fear my days of watching the birds from the front seat are over.
But for the moment, it was pretty fun watching this not-very-ferocious bear enjoy his feast.

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