Back to work!

After that busy week with Ellie and then catching up more family and taking care of routine doctor visits – let’s just say it felt good to get back into our normal routine. Ok, so “normal” might be a stretch, but still. We were back in Montrose, back in our same parking spot, and back to work!
The A/C had passed its first real-life test (hot weather and guests!) with only a few (manageable) glitches. Thank goodness! But there was still a bit of detail work to take care of.
First of all, we removed all the old heat thermostats. Nothing is as confusing as two thermostats in the same room (apparently).
Gary started down one side of the hall, while I did the other. Somehow he met me half-way down my side. Man, he’s quick with that screwdriver.
Since we wanted to be good stewards of the earth, we removed all the mercury tubes from the thermostats so we could dispose them properly.
News Flash – it is NOT easy to be a good steward of the earth when it comes to mercury. Local hardware stores – No. Lowes – No. I’m still carrying the tubes around in the truck (safely sealed in a ziplock bag), and after a fair bit of internet searching I think we have a couple of options to check out on Monday. (Did you know that it’s been illegal to sell, install or dispose of mercury thermostats in PA since December 2009?)
While we were at Lowes in Vestal (finding out that they did NOT recycle mercury thermostats), we picked up supplies for the next project on the list.
The boss wanted some fencing installed around the outside units to help prevent cars from backing into them.
Turned out pretty nice, don’cha think?
(The stone area I’m standing on to take the pix is parking lot, so you can see his concern!).
OK, thermostats out, fence up. What else ya got for me (says Gary)?
Well, he finished up some shelving in the maintenance barn and then moved to installing 4 replacement windows.
Needless to say, he’s been plenty busy. And if I told you that I was working right there along with him – well, I’d be telling you a story. When he needed my help (like with those thermostats), he’d come and get me. Otherwise I would have to say that my week was definitely a “light-duty” week. I found plenty to keep me busy back at the house, so it as a pretty productive week for me too!
It wasn’t all work, though. Since there was camp this week, we were blessed to be able to eat with the staff most meals and tonight we enjoyed the final family picnic/pick-up. Food was great all week – and Gary finally got to try out the Nine Square in the Air game that has been set up since Memorial Day.
Now there’s a boy who knows how to have fun!

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