Going to Camp

Ok, first the weekend! Although our jaunt to Vermont was short, it was oh so very sweet! Our stop in Ludlow was great fun, as we left the boys working on a sugar house chimney chore while Lynne and I checked out a quilt shop, an art gallery and then a local farmers’ market.
It was a pretty perfect (boy-aren’t-the guys-glad-they’re-not-with-us) way to spend a Friday afternoon. The next morning we got an early start
Morning view
and arrived at the cabin (after a stop at the Home Depot for more lumber – what is it with that guy!) in time for our annual business meeting. No photo documentation of that, but it went well. It’s wonderful to be a part of a family that truly love each other and also love our family cabin. And it’s especially wonderful to see the next generation taking part in not only the enjoyment of it, but also the ongoing care and maintenance of the property. Among our other items discussed, we did decide to keep the first aid kit in the drawer! I knew you were wondering. 🙂
Totally in love with this place (and the family we share it with!).
The bad news is that we had to leave early (7AM) on Sunday morning. It was probably our shortest cabin visit on record – 22 hours.
But the good news is that we had to leave early so I could go to Camp. Yes, dear friends, this week I am attending a totally grown-up week of camp here at Montrose Bible Conference.
After our first evening, I confess I’m a bit overwhelmed. Aside from a daily “Morning Challenge”, there will be morning elective classes that I have to (somehow) select from 5 great sounding topics and then the afternoons are filled with workshops, with topics like “Root out Redundancies” and “Opening with a Bang” and “Time management for Part-time writers”. There are workshops for writing devotions, writing for children and young adults and e-publishing. There are workshops for getting an agent and doing credible historical research and how to make an editor sit up and take notice. Do I want to learn more about writing fiction or non-fiction or do I just want to stick with blogging and the world of the internet? Yikes. And then there’s the part of my brain that says, “Who ME? A Writer?” My.Head.Is.Spinning. It promises to be a week full of challenges, and although I’m feeling a bit out of my league, I’m looking forward to it. I think. No, I AM – I know I am!

That being said – it will either be pretty quiet around here (the day goes from breakfast at 7:30 until around 9 PM) or I’ll be writing up a storm to try and process all that I’m learning. As I try to “find my voice” I’d love to hear from you if there has been a particular post that you’ve really enjoyed or one that has touched you in any way. I’m a bit too mobile to have a “Critique Group” – so let’s face it, friends – the task is yours! Feel free to leave a comment or send me a note (over on the “Contact Us” page). I’d love to hear from you!

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