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Ok, the head is still spinning. But it has slowed to a more manageable pace. Thank goodness! Today I came to the realization that since this conference is geared more toward folks that are currently in the process of getting something published and I’m still trying to figure out if I should be in the process of getting something written, there is nothing for me to lose by being here. And since I have nothing to lose, I have everything to gain! I’ve been able to see in the window of the publishing world, and while that has been a bit intimidating, it still is good information to store away for when I need it!
So today was an encouraging day for me. My morning elective was titled Writing as Craft and it was excellent!
“A novice writes a manuscript, looks at it and says, ‘This is what I have written.’ A craftsman looks at the same manuscript and says, ‘Now I have something to work with.'” James Michener
So much wonderful information about self-editing and reworking and getting rid of extra words (who me?), and then encouragement to offer it up to a critique group for more fine tuning. It was a very challenging class! And of course I was still trying to figure out what “it” might be.
After lunch there were a couple more seminars (great beginnings, blogging) and then I had my 15 minute interview/conversation with one of the faculty members (Bob Hostetler). I took a couple printouts from this blog, but ended up simply talking about our story. He was very encouraging about how our Great Adventure could be made into a book and suggested that I get started by writing a couple of articles and see about getting them published. Of course, even a “simple” article will require discipline and time. Oh, and more discipline. Tonight it sounds like a great idea. I’ll let you know how it sounds tomorrow!

So, what has Gary been doing while I’ve been in class? Working, of course! He’s been joining me for meals (though if he’s really grungy, he sits over with the staff), and basically he’s been trying to do jobs that are out of the way of the conference. Today presented a bit of a challenge.
Here’s the crowd getting ready to head into lunch. And here’s a slightly different angle….
Uh-oh. Big ladder in lobby does not look good. A brief power outage knocked out the A/C in the lobby and the conference center was pretty happy they had a technician in residence! The bad news – it needs a new control board. The good news –
it happened this week and not last week!

I’d better get this spinning head to bed! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Seriously, I am totally entertained by your words. So genuine and since I’m lucky enoughto have met you, I can hear and see you say them. Ever think about speaking too. That’ll take your noodle for another go-round.

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