But then I’ll have to write it.

I’m breathing a little more evenly these days. Today was another day of encouragement and inspiration. After our morning “challenge” (which was excellent, btw), I moved on to Writing as a Business. It covered a general overview of looking at writing as a home business, with designated space to work (and also deduct as a business expense), setting up a business checking account and all that kind of stuff. Let’s face it, RV There Yet is not quite there yet! But still, it’s good information and worth tucking away. I also had a class about putting together a One Page, which is publisher jargon for a one page (sorry for the obvious) resume for a submission or proposal for submitting either an idea or an actual article/book/novel for publication. OK, now the head is beginning to spin again. Deep breath, deep breath. (I also learned that you should (almost) never use exclamation points. Yikes.)

And then I sat down with a magazine editor who was very excited about my writing a feature article about how we came to do what we are doing as an encouragement to others who are looking for ways to serve in their retirement years. Oh, you’ll like this – he asked if I had any pictures. Let’s see…… But as exciting as that was, it was at the same time terrifying. Because he doesn’t want me to submit the One Page proposal, he wants me to submit the actual 1200 word article. And that means I have to write it. I.have.to.write.it. I can do that, right? Right?

Settle down, Steph, settle down.
Ah yes, that did the trick.

Sweet hydrangea dreams, all! all.

3 thoughts on “But then I’ll have to write it.”

  1. Finally!!! Haven’t I been saying for years that your blog should be published???? And please don’t ask which entries are my favorites, because they all are.

  2. Thanks, Connie! Still trying to process this past week, but I do think there might just be some serious writing (and compiling) in the future. I just need to figure out how to fit it in my schedule!

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