Remember that FAQ #1 post back in February about how we get our mail? Quick review – we use a Florida forwarding service  for anything in our life that needs an official address. Like voting and vehicle registration and taxes and billing addresses. And mail. Your mail probably comes to your house. Our mail goes to a file folder in Lake City, Florida. Usually, once a month I send those good folks an email with my current (at least for the next week) address and they put everything that has arrived (though they do kindly remove most sale flyers, thank you very much) into a Priority Mail envelope and send it to us. I say ‘usually’ because it seems that I forgot all about the mail situation until just this week. Oops. Last mail delivery was back in early June. Needless to say, they needed to upgrade to the Large Box for this batch!
Most of the contents were expected -two months of  financial statements, requests for donations from some of the worthy projects we’ve served at, a lab report from Gary’s blood work last month (all good, I’m happy to report), and some other miscellaneous odds and ends. We were surprised to get TWO checks in the mail. Two totally unexpected checks. OK, so one was only for $3.22  (apparently our AMEX card had short changed us on our reward check in February) but the other one was a bit prettier and was the result of – hold on to your seat – Obamacare! Although we no longer have Humana One health insurance, this was a rebate from when we did. Go figure. Together the checks won’t even cover two fill-ups in the truck, but still – Money in The Mail is always a good thing, right?
But there was something else in this batch of mail that is totally puzzling.
Who sent this
Anti-Wrinkle Creme. Not that I don’t need some of this stuff, but I did not order this, and although my name is on the shipping label, the billing address is a person in Maryland who is unknown to me. And I’m pretty sure they aren’t just sending it out to those of us who might find it useful!  I think this might take just a bit more research!

But right now I’m going to get out my phone and deposit those checks! Gotta love technology!

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