It’s been an egg-ceptional week!

While Gary was laboring away this week – finishing up replacing the windows in the office,
cutting some ductboard for some additional work in the attic,
(I actually was there to help him with that, given my expertise from last summer. Besides, someone has to take the pictures, right?), my main assignment this week was kitchen work. And not just kitchen work, but breakfast kitchen work. Yep, I had to set the old alarm and be in the kitchen by  7AM.  But since I not only love kitchen work, but also love the folks that work in the kitchen, it was worth the early mornings all the way.
Ever wonder what cooking scrambled eggs for 80 hungry guests looks like?
First you crack eggs. And then you crack some more eggs. And maybe, just a couple more.
Of course, you’re cracking them into a giant mixer, don’t forget.
Then you let the mixer do its thing for about 10 minutes. If you forget and let it go for 20 minutes, that’s OK too. Don’t ask how I know that.
After the eggs are finished beating, you put them through a strainer. Let’s face it, when you’re cracking 175 eggs, you’re bound to get a couple of shells in the bowl. And we’re feeding these to guests, remember!
Ok, the eggs are ready to go. (FYI – if you ever really need to do this, the egg prep can be done the night before, which, if you are serving a full breakfast to any group is a wonderful way to not have to get up quite so early in the morning!)
Next you grab the biggest pan you have (and will be able to lift once it’s full of scrambled eggs) and spray it liberally with cooking spray. Then you add a big hunk of butter and a generous handful of onions and peppers.
Yum. These are going to be great eggs!
Once the veggies are softened up a bit, you add your eggs.
Oh yeah, now we’re talkin’.
Keep that spatula moving so they don’t stick, and don’t forget to throw in a handful of grated cheese while they’re cooking. Before you know it, it will be time to (with all your upper body strength) lift the pan off the heat and slide those eggs into the serving pan.
Sprinkle them with a bit more cheese (is it ever possible to have too much cheese?),
and then get back to the stove! You have to repeat that process at least 4 more times before enough eggs are ready for the guests!
Put that fork down!

But breakfast at Montrose is never just eggs. You can’t really have eggs without toast, can you?
Toast on a conveyor belt. Love it!
This morning the menu also called for blueberry pancakes.
That’s sweet Kayley on pancake duty (before she had to go out and be a server (hence the white shirt – and, yikes – no apron!!!).
Once she left, Marion took over.
Marion is truly the heart of the Montrose kitchen. Last summer Pierce, the head chef, had bracelets made up that said WWMD. What Would Marion Do. 🙂 Yes, the heart of the kitchen. I love her.
But of course, no conference meal can really happen without someone in the Dish Pit. Gary has spent a couple of nights in The Pit, but this morning it was Caleb!
He was amazing! Kept ahead of the curve the whole morning (well, until the final clearing – no one can keep ahead of that curve!), and did it with a smile. In my book, nothing makes cooking more enjoyable than having someone else do up all your dirty dishes.

Speaking of which – I think I have some of those nasty things (dirty dishes, that is) in my sink right now! Where’s Caleb when I need him!

Hope you had a great weekend – and thanks for stopping by!
Gotta go run some hot soapy water…….

One thought on “It’s been an egg-ceptional week!”

  1. You guys came into my mind last night. I had had a lean pocket Philly cheesesteak, and remembered the time we were at your home and Gary went out to get some real sandwiches.

    So glad you are having so much fun. I get to have kitchen duty for the VT Tres Dias weekend in November. We will only have to prepare meals for about 40 so it won’t be too bad.

    Let us know when you’re heading this way so we can connect.

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