Field Trip!!!

We’ve been busy this week since we’ve been working hard to wrap up a couple projects before we leave next week. But the boss gave me the afternoon off on Thursday and I joined some of the guests on a field trip to  Hilltop Berry Farm for  blueberry picking!
Did you know about blueberry picking? Did you know that you don’t have to fight the prickers (think blackberries and raspberries) or stoop low to the ground (imagine strawberries). Nope, you get to stand tall
and just let those sweet blue morsels practically fall into your hands!
And if you go with experienced blueberry pickers, you even get to use one of their buckets on a string, so your hands are free for picking!
Oh, yeah, baby – Blueberry picking is the way to go!
What shall I do with my bucket of blues?
But our field trip fun didn’t end at the blueberry fields. Just down the road a piece is a local landmark – the (backyard) Valhalla Castle.
This is a three story field stone and frame castle that took Ron, the homeowner, almost 30 years to build.  In his backyard. In his spare time. All the stones were either given to him or found on the property and are laid stone on stone – no mortar or cement was used! It really is amazing .  There’s no charge for touring the castle.  Just walk around around the house, pass the pool and cross the moat!
It’s always good to have something to keep you busy in the evenings after work, right?
Valhalla Castle
Now that’s what I call a crazy cool hobby!

So it was a great field trip day!  Wonderful weather, beautiful blueberries, and a captivating castle – not a bad way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

Now to track down that Lemon Blueberry Bread recipe……

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