It’s been hard to find the time

between the reading and the napping and the general tinkering that I’ve been doing to actually get myself organized to get all the stuff done that I WANT to get done during our time here at the Cabin. I mean, there’s the Writing (yes, the official “writing”, as in articles filled with concise and cognitive thought), the SOWER work (there’s a Board meeting coming up in less than a month that I need to get ready for), the Cabin Organization Project (always an easy distraction), and of course the blogging (keeping you good friends a little updated on our life!). But then there’s the window gazing

and the bright blue skies
and the beautiful walks in the morning
Morning walk #3 #ilovethecabin
and then somehow I always get back to this….
First snooze of vacation. I'd do a little happy dance, but I'm almost asleep.

The sound of power tools coming from the shed reminds me that some folks keep plenty busy while at the cabin. But the low buzz of the hummingbirds as they visit the feeder by the door reminds me to breathe deeply, take it slow, and soak in the treasure of this place.
And I’m good with that.

One thought on “It’s been hard to find the time”

  1. Not to mention the fingers of penetrating sunlight pointing out some of the 75 years of memories made there.

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