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It’s early here.  I mean like still dark, I have my headlamp on, and I really’d rather be in bed early here.  Usually I get back to sleep after my early rising husband crawls over me to get up in the morning, but this morning I was filled the the angst that comes when you realize that this is the second to last morning you’ll be at the cabin until next summer.  It’s a funny thing about vacations that seem to be extra long. When they start – oh, my, the glorious days that stretch out before us.  And then suddenly you’re in the last week and then it’s the last couple of days and….wait, wait, there’s more I wanted to do.  Stop the clock, it can’t be this close to “over” yet!   But it is.  So I think I’d better get started writing about some of the bits and pieces of these last two (plus) weeks because  life doesn’t really get any quieter once we leave here!  And let’s face it, blogging in front of the fire with a fresh cup of coffee next to me isn’t really such a bad way to start the day!
cabin morningTruth be told, mornings are some of the special delights of the cabin. By the time I roll out of bed (literally. It’s a very high bed), Gary has the fire going and the coffee brewed, and he’s often already down at the shed working on a project (Full disclaimer -please remember that he’s the early riser. And if it’s daylight, there’s something he could be doing outside. If I manage to stay in bed until 7:30, I’m calling that a late day.) But I digress – what I’m trying to say, is that  I often have this cozy cabin all to myself in those early-enough-for-me mornings, and it’s been such a treasure to have my quiet time with the soft crackles of the fire as my companion. His mercies are (indeed!) new every morning.
This year one of  my vacation goals was to take a walk every morning. Not a big long walk, but a very do-able walk out the cabin road and back walk. A little up, a little down, a little curve, a little straight, and all in all about 20 minutes. It definitely was more about the discipline than the calories burned. And by and large, Gary and I both have been able to get ‘er done. Here’s a picture a day from our soul-feeding morning walks….

The morning walk #ilovethecabin Morning walk, day 2 #ilovethecabin
Morning walk #3 #ilovethecabin Morning walk #4 #ilovethecabin
The gentle rain overnight gave our morning walk (#5) a hushed feeling. #ilovethecabin Thank you, Lord, for another morning. And that you made it so beautiful, is added blessing,  Morning walk #6. #ilovethecabin
Oh, the strong hands that built these walls. Daily walk #7 #ilovethecabin Some silver birch along the way. Morning walk #7  #ilovethecabin
A break in the wall and a wide path of ferns. I wonder.....  Morning walk #9 #ilovethecabin The morning drive - heading to see precious family in MA.
In all her ruffled splendor. Morning walk #10. #ilovethecabin First rainy morning since we arrived. The morning walk will have to wait. #ilovethecabin
Every day new things crop up along the way... Morning walk # 11. #ilovethecabin I know, I know - it's a spider web. But it was so perfectly spun with the morning sun shimmering on it that I couldn't resist. Morning walk #12  #ilovethecabin
The morning walk. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Still counts, though. Right? Brrrrrrr. Hello, September at the cabin.

We haven’t actually done the morning walk yet THIS morning – but the last shot of the thermometer explains why there has been a slight delay. And why I’m still sitting close to the fire.

Oh look – there’s still a bit more coffee in the pot!

More later, I promise!

PS – if you scroll over each picture you’ll find a brief caption. Just sayin’.

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