Doing it My Way

Cabin Stephs Way-12
Now you might think that since Gary and I have very different views of how a Cabin Vacation should look (projects vs novels), there might be a bit of stress during our time there.  Actually, the system works quite well.  Gary’s preferred work style is to do it himself. He worked alone for most of his previous lifetime (i.e. paying job), and he’s very used to figuring out how to do most things without additional help.  Since he needs those extra hands very infrequently, I try to  make sure I’m available when he needs me.  But in the meantime, my time is largely my own. This year I was a pretty big part of our two Wilderness Projects, but when I wasn’t wearing protective gloves and schlepping through blackberry bushes, I was thoroughly enjoying myself doing the Cabin My Way.
Oh, there was a bit of cleaning to be done and I did get a little over-zealous sorting through and organizing our game and toy collection.
Sorting through the Cabin toy drawer. Oh my!
I’m sorry, but do we really need THREE sets of Pick-up-Sticks?

But odd assortment of entertainment options and other miscellaneous  chores aside, one of the things that I love to do at the cabin is wander around with my camera. (Shocking, I know!) Let’s face it, there’s always something interesting to discover at the Cabin!
Looking low your might find these delicate seeds, ready to take flight.
Cabin Stephs Way-3

Or maybe this will catch your eye as you pass by!
Cabin Steph's Way
To help with the size perspective…..
Cabin Stephs Way-7
and from a slightly different angle-
Cabin Stephs Way-8
(I think is one of my favorite shots of the batch!)
Maybe at mid-range you might notice the path that leads to the pond –
Cabin Stephs Way-1
Or this falling camera shot! I don’t even know when I took it, but I think it’s pretty cool!
Cabin Stephs Way-5
Let’s pretend I took it on purpose, OK?
Remember the vanishing outhouse view? If you go a bit higher on the ridge, you can still see those patchwork fields –
Cabin Stephs Way-2
and don’t forget those sunset masterpieces –
Cabin Stephs Way-4
(We R.E.A.L.L.Y. need to do something about those big trees in the valley!)
And then there are the clouds –
White and puffy against their azure background
Cabin Stephs Way-6
or all lined up in a row, signaling the beginning of a perfect Vermont day!
And when you get down to the pond, there’s the classic cabin shot that needs to be framed each year.
Do I go landscape and catch the reflection of the pond’s edge
Cabin Stephs Way-9
Or portrait, and just showcase the cabin?
Cabin Stephs Way-10
Or maybe pull in a bit tighter….
Cabin Stephs Way-11
Or just stick with the perfect reflection on the perfect Vermont day?
Perfect day for the classic cabin shot. #nofilter #ilovethecabin

So you see, Gary & I are quite the compatible pair at the cabin.  I’m there to be his helper when he needs one, but meanwhile I get to soak in all of the wonder of this, my most favorite of places.  And clean out a couple of cabinets along the way!

Thanks for coming along on this year’s end-of-summer time at the Cabin. I think this will be the last post about the Cabin for this year, since it’s about time I moved a little closer to the present.  But it’s always hard to say that last good-bye.

Farewell sweet cabin! Lord willing, we'll be back next spring! #ilovethecabinLord willing, we’ll be back in the Spring!

2 thoughts on “Doing it My Way”

  1. Stephanie,
    Phyllis and I so enjoy your pictures. They open up a whole new world and often we feel as if we experience your adventures with you. Thanks so much for sharing. Most people have no idea of how much we are blessed when we explore new adventures and experiences.
    Even though we are no longer working projects we certainly revel in what you post here on your blog and in the SOWER newsletter.

    gnpdj#2508 alumni

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