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  1. Connecting with old friends. And trust me, we don’t use the word “old” loosely.  Although we didn’t meet Esther until a bit later, Gary and I double dated with Jeff to Gary’s Senior Prom.  Yes, that was a fair bit ago!  Jeff and Esther have been on the mission field for the better part of 40 years, so we were delighted that they were doing their Home Assignment in Ephrata, PA – quite close to Josiah and Abigail.
    And as an added bonus we also got to visit with their daughter and precious grandson before they returned to North Africa.  (Yes, 3 of their 4 children are also serving the Lord overseas! What a legacy!)
  2. Spending time with Josiah, Abigail and little Weston.
    UntitledUntitledWhat giggles and fun we had! Josiah and Gary got a couple of chores done, but basically we just enjoyed each other’s company for the time we had together.
  3. Running into friends at the Lancaster Costco that we didn’t think we’d get to see while we were in town.  I love how God worked that one out! Untitled I didn’t get a picture of them, but I snapped a shot of their new smart car– which they will be driving right into their 5th wheel toy-hauler so when they get to projects they don’t have to drive around the big diesel truck. I could see the wheels turning in Gary’s head…



  1. Going to The Hershey RV Show. Yowser.
    Heading into the Hershey RV Show. Good thing he's wearing a bright shirt so I can find him in the crowd!Untitled
    We’re just beginning the process of maybe thinking about possibly sometime in the distant future making a change in our living quarters.  Maybe. Someday. Gotta start somewhere! It was fun, and a bit overwhelming.  Added bonus here too – we ran into some other SOWER friends there too!
  2. Attending Noah’s Birthday Party. 
    Happy birthday, Noah! #instacollage
    I’d forgotten about the merry mayhem that is part and parcel of a birthday party for a 3 year old. Games played, piñata smashed, cake eaten, presents opened. Phew. But oh so glad to be part of the festivities!
  3. Being part of Tammy’s Baby Shower.
    I don’t often manage to be in town for baby showers, so I was tickled pink (or blue, we don’t know yet but should know by the end of the month when he or she appears!) to be around for this event.  A lovely time with a lovely bunch of ladies!
  4. Seeing lots of Lara.
    Our sweet daughter moved to outside of Columbus earlier this summer (I know – two kids in the same area code!  It’s crazy!) so it was great fun to get to see her almost every day we were there.  We also got to visit with her boyfriend and his daughter too!  Lots of fun! (She’s also a master of the French Braid!)
  5. Getting pretty toes. 
    This is my new obsession.  Or at least I would like it to be!  Pedicures are wonderful and getting them done with Lara and Tammy – well, that’s just too fine for words!
  6. Spending lots of time with those precious Ohio grands and their Mom and Dad.
    They even left me in charge one night!
  7. Enjoying an uneventful drive and arriving safely in Lindale, Texas for the SOWER Board of Trustee meeting which starts on Tuesday (as in today!)!
PA to TX 9_13-1 Heading to Texas! No sun glare so far.... Yep, Indiana. :) PA to TX 9_13-2 PA to TX 9_13-3 PA to TX 9_13-4 PA to TX 9_13-6 PA to TX 9_13-5 PA to TX 9_13-7 PA to TX 9_13-9 PA to TX 9_13-8

So there you have it – a flurry of posts to get this ol’ blog up to date. And I think I made it just in time.
The parking lot here at the SOWER office full, and all of the Trustees have arrived. Meetings start in earnest this afternoon and run through to the end of the week, so it might just be a bit quiet around here for the next couple of days.
Unless, of course, I have a new grandbaby to announce!

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