What I loved about this week

It was another quiet week here in the Valley (for us anyway!), but there was still lots to love about it!
1. The neighborhood-
Since the actual campground has not yet begun to hum with the activity of their winter Texans, it’s been fun to keep an eye on the surrounding neighborhood. Along with watching the ripening fruit on the surrounding citrus groves, we’ve also enjoyed these guys that live right down the street!
Checkout the horns! ! No clue what the breed is – any goat experts out there?
2. Text messaging and school picture preview!


These girls are growing up Way Too Fast!
3. Fish Tacos!
Oh yeah, baby. In what very well might be the US capital of Taco consumption, I think we are well on our way to locating the perfect fish taco. Let the quest begin!
4. Birthday Sewing.
These rice bag critters will join this guy from our February birthday girl –
for a year of rice bag birthdays. (Somehow back in September I forgot the rice bag birthday plan and Noah got a pillow.image

Oh well. Guess he’ll get his personal rice bag next year. If I remember!)
5. UFO Sewing –
I’ve had these two Christmas table runners in my UFO stash for probably 5 years.
When I heard about a need for items for a Silent Auction at the school I figured it was the perfect time to get them quilted up and donated!


The star one went to the Silent Auction. The pineapple one went back into my stash so I’ll be ready next time!
6. Mornings and Evenings
The drive to the school
Texas mornings!
The evening sky – a version of this almost every night.
What’s not to love!
7. A Victorious Finish
MCA volleyball! Go Lady Lions!
The Lady Lions of MCA finished their Volleyball season with a great win! It was a joy to be part of the cheering crowd!
8. No more trying to find the sweet spot on my glasses –
New glasses! The jury is still out on the frames, but since my prescription has changed significantly since my last pair it is just so nice to BE ABLE TO SEE!
(Note – Gary got a new pair also, and we purchased them online through Zennioptical.com. It was a little weird not being able to try them on first, but we got two pairs of glasses (progressive bifocals with transition finish) for less than the cost of one pair at Costco. We’re calling it a win!)
They are a bit more purple that I thought they would be……but I can see!!!!
9. And finally
Looks like the new chair is a keeper!
It looks like the new chair is a keeper 🙂

Hope there were lots of things to love about your week too!

2 thoughts on “What I loved about this week”

  1. was real nice to look thru this, have not been using computer like i want to, sure wish u n penny were here to fix it for me……go glad you are still on the road and enjoying family, love the quilt too….i sure miss it all and all my friends too have a good one, stay safe and blessed love always

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl! Sorry about your computer issues – aren’t there some grandchildren around that could help? 🙂 Take care of yourself!

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