I’m not a big fan.

Of Halloween, that is. Goblins and ghouls and gravestones……………ugh.  But there are some parts of this season that I am a fan of – and one of them is  little kids in costumes!
2013 10 30
Tonight we joined our winter Church Family at their Harvest Party. Games, great food, lots of little kids and lots of fun!
2013 10 301
And then there was this little guy –
Please don't think that holding this sweet baby boy was as wonderful as holding little Reis would have been, by I must say that it did this Gramma's heart good. #instacollage
He’s just a couple of days older that our Reis(who will be a whopping one month old on Thursday!), and while it wasn’t quite as wonderful as holding Reis would have been, it was pretty fine. And it did this Gramma’s heart good!
So tonight was definitely something to be a fan of. 🙂
But what I’m  a Really Big Fan of is MY grandkiddos in costumes –

imageThe Super Hero Fabulous Five
Of these things, I will always be a fan!

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