A good start

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that November has always been a favorite month – possibly even The Favorite Month. It’s chock full of birthdays – 3 in my immediate family and another 4 in my extended family (Happy Birthday (yesterday), Fitz!).  I’ve begun to give Christmas sewing and gifts some serious thought, but there isn’t quite the panic that comes once December hits. And there at the end of the month is Thanksgiving. It’s been wonderful to see how November has become a month of Gratitude with many of my friends posting daily “thankful updates” on Facebook and other blogs. I had every intention of doing a “thankful” blog post every day in November, but here it is, already the 5th and it’s been pretty quiet here!  Oh, trust me, it’s not that I’m not thankful – there is just so much to be thankful for in this life we’ve been graced with that I was somewhat stumped about where to start.  So let’s start just a couple small things. Like…….
I definitely think this qualifies for a great way to start a month of thankfulness. Gotta love South Texas.
the price of gas here in the RGV! Gotta be thankful for that right?
And then there was this that just happened today –
Let the building begin!
Yes, it’s a loonnnng way from needing Gary’s A/C expertise, but hey, it’s a (long overdue) start! And my goodness, we’re thankful for that!
How about the wonder of technology and FaceTime? So very thankful for that!
Weston FaceTime
Next time I’ll try to get him to stay still for a minute! 🙂 (Please disregard that crazy looking woman in the corner!)
Our November has had a great start! So much to be thankful for, so little time!

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