The Birthday Box

Sometimes it’s hard being the “far away Grandma”. I mean, we do come in a pretty fun house on wheels and everything, but we aren’t the grandparents that get to go to ballgames and school programs and take them to McDonald’s just because it’s Tuesday. So when it comes to sending birthday presents, I try to make sure that there’s a little something for everyone in the box. Remember those “silly bands” that were all the rage with kids several years ago? Well, that’s the kind of stuff I like to send along. Just little bits of  “we love you and miss you” to all the kids. So earlier this month I packed up a box to send to Ohio. It had birthday presents for Maddie (turned 6 on the 8th) and Hayley (turning 9 (!) on the 26th) (rice bags for those cold Ohio nights),
a selection of snack bags (complete with little pouches of fruit snacks) for all the kids
and even a batch of burp clothes for Reis (and Mommy!).
I wrapped everything nice and pretty, fit it all into a Priority Mail box, and had it on it’s way to the Ohio Conrads a week before the first birthday. Guaranteed delivery on Monday. Birthday was on Friday. All good!
However, when I spoke to the Birthday Girl on the 8th, I learned that no package had arrived. Hmmmmm. Thanks to the USPS tracking service I found that it was out for delivery that very day. I couldn’t understand the delay, but still, it would arrive on the birthday, and at least wouldn’t be late.
And arrive it did. Along with two letters addressed to “The Conrad Kiddos” (as had been the package) stating that a “First-Class parcel addressed from Grams and Pops Conrad is currently being withheld from delivery as there are reasonable grounds to believe its contents are non-mailable, and possibly in violation of Federal Law, specifically the Controlled Substances Act, Title 21, United States Code.”
Say What????? Controlled Substances?  Meanwhile that same day we received an identical letter, and today we received another copy of it in a much more official, signature required, envelope, again telling us they were holding this parcel and giving us information to call Gwen so “mutually convenient arrangements can be made” to claim the parcel.
So this begs a couple of questions.
1. Was it the rice or the fruit chews that triggered the “reasonable grounds”. Or maybe it was the size of the packages inside the box. Or it could have been that it was originating in South Texas and coming from suspicious sounding folks like “Grams and Pops” and addressed to those “Conrad Kiddos”.
2. Do you think they realize that they delivered this suspicious packaged along with the letters declaring its undeliverability?
3. Should I call Gwen and let her know?

At the end of the day hands were being warmed, fruit snacks eaten, and baby Reis was being burped. All is well.

And thanks to the USPS, we also have a pretty good story!

Suspicious, indeed!

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