Bits and pieces

Sometimes, when I’m thinking about a blog post, I have trouble figuring out just what might have happened over the last couple of days that would be interesting for you. So tonight I thought I’d just scroll through my phone and see what I’d been taking pictures of and do a bit of random sharing about them. So let’s see…
Well, there was this guy –
Yep – a baby opossum. We’d been having some feral kittens getting into our trash and Gary was determined to catch them and deliver them to the local SPCA. He borrowed a have-a-heart trap and picked up some sardines. And he did catch one. But it was over the weekend, so he gave it a reprieve and let it loose. And then he set the trap again on a weeknight. And then – along came a baby opossum. Pretty sure the SPCA wasn’t an option for opossums, so we let it go. And then we caught it again. And then we let it go again, and then we put away the sardines and the trap. Surprisingly, the kitties haven’t returned either!
Remember the lovely banquet we went to last week?
FABA2013-1 Well, beautiful table settings like that generate a bit of laundry. Like 400 chair covers and 400 napkins and 40 table runners/toppers.
And laundry is something we are very qualified to do!
And if you had gone to that banquet last week, you might have come home with a coupon for some free dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements and then you could have had this for breakfast one morning.
It's ok to have chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast, right?
Next up –
Check this out –
Life is (still) good here in the valley!
Now don’t you wish YOU were here in The Valley? 🙂

And finally –
Remember this shot from less than two weeks ago?
Let the building begin!
Well, here is where the building is as of Friday –
A beautiful sight indeed!

So there you have it – some bits and pieces of our life. Thanks for coming along!

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