It’s been a while, right?  Sorry! The last several days have been jam packed, so I guess I’d better work on bit of an update before I get even more behind!

It wasn't family, but it was pretty close! And it did include some small people hugs. Thank you, RGV friends, for a lovely Thanksgiving! ❤️
We had a lovely day, enjoying the Big Meal with about 20 friends here in the Valley. Enough delicious food to feed an extra 20 folks, just the right amount of little kids to add some sparkle to the day, and sweet fellowship. Add to that a nice little package of leftovers so we could enjoy some turkey later in the weekend – and we would definitely call the day a Win!
Friday I got started (in earnest) on my Christmas shopping, and made great progress while never getting out of my yoga pants. Thank you, Internet, for free shipping and good discounts and no crowds. Saturday I spent most of the day sewing, and Sunday just continued on with a lovely day of worship and (more) rest! Such a delightful weekend!
The Birds
With the feeders empty, we lost our little window antics. However, once we got those feeders filled, they were right back – in all of their “Hey, that’s my spot” glory!
The Building
But maybe what needs to be updated the most is the progress on the building. And oh my, what progress there has been!
This was the scene when we arrived in early October –
After more delays that anyone thought possible, the first beam was finally installed on Nov. 5th.
Let the building begin!
From that point on the progress was steady and sure –
It’s hard to tell in this shot, but the roof is done on the front (right hand side of picture) of the building. That’s a really good thing, because on Saturday this week Juan and friends marked up the floor for where the walls were going!
And on Monday morning, bright and early, a mission team from Tennessee (that had driven all weekend)started framing in the walls!
Framing Day 1-5

Those guys are heading back to Tennessee  early tomorrow morning, and the work that was accomplished in those three days was astounding. But I think those days are worthy of their own post. So that’s all for tonight, friends – we’ll probably see you tomorrow with the rest of the story!