We’ve been Framed!

When we learned a couple of weeks ago that a team from Boone Trail Baptist Church (Johnson City, Tennessee) was coming the week after Thanksgiving to work on the framing we were all pretty excited. The walls were up and roof was on over the classroom section and the lumber was delivered but with only a couple of SOWER guys  the interior framing would have been a long, long job. So a “framing team”? Well, that seemed like a pretty direct answer to prayer! (And of course, it was!)  What we didn’t know was just how much of a blessing it would be!
Even though they had driven two long days to get here, the 17 member crew started bright and early Monday morning.
Framing Day 1-5
Each man seemed to know just where to be and what part of the job needed to be worked on.
Framing Day 1-6
Framing Day 1-12
And once they started – they just kept going and going and going!
Framing Day 1-13
Framing Day 2-2
Framing Day 2-3
Framing Day 2-4
Framing Day 2-8
The building guys were still on the job too – just trying to stay ahead of the framers, I think!
Framing Day 2- 9
This was taken around noon on Tuesday (when this girl and her camera go home!)
Honestly, I felt like we were on the set of ‘Extreme Makeovers’!
By Wednesday morning they were expanding into the “not quite under cover” area of the building –
Framing Day 3-3
Thank goodness for strapping young men!
Framing Day 3-4
Back on the “inside” work was continuing also –
Framing Day 3-6
Framing Day 3-7
Framing Day 3-12
High and Low!

Framing Day 3-18
We also had some very special visitors on Wednesday morning – all of the middle and high schoolers and staff came for a “School Signing”.
Following a short time of worship and prayer,
the students were let loose in the new school to leave their mark (and add their blessing) on the new building!
Truth be told, all of these remembrances will be covered in drywall,
but I believe the impact of these kids blessing their new school will remain. Both in the lives in these students and in the future of the school itself!

Our framing friends left at the crack of dawn on Thursday, so the job site was a fair bit quieter when I got to work that morning.
Bottom line – 17 guys and 4 ladies (the support team!) drove a total of 4 days to work 3 days to further the Kingdom! What a great God we serve!! And what servant hearts that team had! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

PS – if you’d like to see the whole set of framing pictures, you can check them out HERE.
and if you’d to see more of the students signing the building – check it out with this LINK!

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