Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know – it’s already January 7th so the whole “Happy New Year” chant is already a bit old! What was New Year’s Day to most of you was Christmas Morning to our family. The best part of our holiday season just wrapped up on Sunday, and I’ve been busy playing catch-up ever since. Oh, and going through the 650+ pictures that I took over the course of those 6 days! Did you remember that I was busy loving on the folks I hold most dear in this world?  We had an wonderful week full of hugs and kisses, giggles and games, and baby snuggling and gift exchanging. When you throw in a birthday luncheon, a rock climbing adventure and a blizzard, well, the whole week was just about perfect. I really did take over 650 pictures, whittled them down to around 200 and then tried to pull out just my very most favorite. I got it down to under 50 and believe me, I feel pretty good about that! 🙂
Here is just a small taste of our Family Christmas –

Christmas2013Favorites-29 Christmas2013Favorites-30 Christmas2013Favorites-13
Christmas2013Favorites-27 Christmas2013Favorites-9 Christmas2013Favorites-10
Christmas2013Favorites-11 Christmas2013Favorites-32 Christmas2013Favorites-7
Christmas2013Favorites-20 Christmas2013Favorites-16 Christmas2013Favorites-15
Christmas2013Favorites-17 Christmas2013Favorites-18 Christmas2013Favorites-3

And of course, if you want to see the rest of the story, from airport to airport, (including the full size photos of any of those above) you can check out the complete set HERE!

I still have a couple of “New Years-y” thoughts to share, but I think they will wait until tomorrow.  All this picture sorting is exhausting!

Stay warm, everyone!  I hear the Arctic Vortex is headed home! And not a moment too soon, right?

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