A day at the school

Every week (sometimes every day) holds the promise of new and exciting things when you’re a Sower Lady.

Last week some of the ladies were sewing,

some of them did a little painting,
and some of them had to go fabric shopping (honest, it was part of the job), which may or may not have ended with a fun lunch out.
Lunch out

It was a fun week all around – getting to know each other and figuring out what jobs we can handle the best.

But THIS Monday – ALL 10 of this month’s ladies went to the school to start work on a Secret Project . They let me tag along, too! Now since it’s a Secret Project, I can’t really share many of the pictures I took of the process, but let’s just say it included lots of cute little kiddos,
a bit of (hey, that tickles) handwashing,
and some wonderful up close and personal interaction!
We couldn’t all work on the Secret Project, so some of the ladies worked on checking out a batch of donated sewing machines.
But even that allowed for some sweet time with the little ones –
It was a great morning all around!
But the Day at the School didn’t end there! Since the school had recently received those donated sewing machines,
MCASewing Class-1
and there were several willing “Sewing SOWERs”, it only seemed right that MCA offer its first ever Sewing Class to the High School students! Four of us returned to the school at the end of school day, and facilitated the first class –
“Getting to know your sewing machine”!
2014 01 20
Some of the students had done a bit of sewing before, but most of them were very eager beginners! The class will only run for six weeks (when the last round of SOWERS will be leaving), and we’re only meeting a couple of times a week (as their schedule permits), but it was exciting to see their enthusiasm. This week, a straight seam. Next week, an apron. Who knows where this might lead?
MCA SewingClass
(And I love that there were two guys who signed up for the class!)

Today we were back to divided tasks – some at the school and some at the job site and some at the campground where most of our sewing projects are being worked on.  So Monday was a special delight – the whole gang of us, hanging out together!SOWERLadies
Isn’t He good to us?


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