And then he needed me!

With all the great SOWER guys working away on the building,
I don't know of a harder working group of old dudes!
Gary hasn’t needed my help very often lately. I mean, I am fully aware that I have no skills that could possibly help take this-
and tame it into this –
Trust me, I know better than to even tap him on the shoulder when he’s making sense of this.
But one day last week he did ask me to come in and give him a hand. He said he had a bit more wire to run (and we all know I’m his right-hand-wire-pulling girl!) and then he needed me to help him label all the outlets and switches. I was delighted to be able to lend a hand!
The good news of the day was that it was just one roll of wire (instead of 5!). And even though there were a several runs, it all went pretty smoothly. And then came the labeling help.
Remember all his “code” that he was marking at each outlet?
Well, the task at hand on This Day was for me to mark on the blueprint the location and code for each outlet, light switch or data port while Gary scooted around on his red stool, read out the code and tagged each location.
While it doesn’t seem like that hard of a job, I am (sadly) quite direction-ally challenged (“no, I meant the OTHER left”) and kept loosing my place on the blueprint. Needless to say, it was a bit tougher than I thought it would be. Gary was very patient, but I was feeling the pressure that I get it right. Heaven forbid that the wiring organization fall apart on my watch!
By lunch the blueprint was marked, the outlets (etc.) were all tagged, and I was mentally exhausted. So many numbers, so many directional instructions (west wall, south wall, hall wall, outside wall), so little comprehension!
Thankfully, after the guys went back to work in the afternoon, this is what I had on my schedule –
And I call that some excellent timing!

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