10 Things I have learned in the RGV

10. When you pull into a Walmart (etc) parking lot here in the RGV in January or February and check out 10 nearby cars, 5 will have TX tags, 2 will have Mexico tags, and 3 will be from some northern state or providence that is buried under several feet of snow and/or where the current temperature is 3 degrees. Give or take.

9. If you’re not always sure just what the billboard is all about –
You might be in the Rio Grande Valley.

8. And even if you do understand the billboard, you’re surprised that pork skins get such Texas Sized advertising.

7. If you’ve a hankering for Pork Head
You’re in luck – if you’re in the Valley. And it even seems to be quite the bargain!

6. If you need to rent a tire –
You’re in the right place – the RGV.

5. If you go into a gas station and there’s a line at the back of the store for fresh tacos –
(and I mean Fresh Tacos)
You’re in the Valley. (Check out a “Q” Taco next time – they’re amazing!)

4. If you need a gift for Valentine’s day – just stop at any of the myriad street corner shops.
The bigger the better seems to be the call of the day!

3. If you have a hankering for some roasted corn, just stop at one of the many roadside vendors.
If you’re lucky, they might also have pony rides, puppies for sale or even some local produce! Oh, I think we’ve seen mattresses at that corner too!

2. I don’t have a clue where these birds go during the day, but when it’s dusk – just check out any busy intersection in the Valley.
Texas Corner birds
(And be careful where you park your car!)

And finally…

1. If you’ve purchased an “Endless Wave” at the local car wash(unlimited washes for a set fee each month), you WILL wash your truck three times in your last two days in town.
And one of them will include a hot wax!

2 thoughts on “10 Things I have learned in the RGV”

  1. Excellent characterization of RGV. If the Tacos were at Stripes Convenience stores, they are excellent. Those you can find in Corpus Christi and Victoria.

  2. Yes – the tacos were from Stripes! One of our favorite finds :). So many things are “Valley indicators” – it was fun just picking our top ten!

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