Catching our breath before starting anew

We’re settled in for the night at a friendly Walmart parking lot about 30 miles from our March project location – Trinity Pines Conference Center and I thought before we get all wrapped up in the new project, I ought to take a moment to add a bit of closure to the last project.
It’s really hard to quantify these last five months. If you’ve been following along on this Rio Grande Adventure you know we arrived to this –
and we’re leaving this behind –
And on the inside – Oh, My!
This is the upstairs/storage area. Home to ductwork, A/C units, and lots and lots of runs of wire!
This is looking down to the stage area.
But back in the classroom area (underneath the upstairs/storage area), things were really beginning to take shape-
I know that even as we left, all Gary could see was all that needed yet to be done. And I know that the list is long and days will go fast. But as I looked around, all I could see was all that had been accomplished! Not just by Gary – he was just one of many amazing men and women who heard the Macedonian Call to come and get this building built!
But we left behind not only a building project, we also left behind pieces of our heart. New SOWER friends, new MCA friends, new Redeemer Bible Church friends, students, kids – ACK!!!! This was a really hard good-bye for us! Over the years we’ve learned to follow where the Lord is leading us, and we felt that our time had come to leave, but there is always that tug. And this time that tug was fierce! That need for one more hug, one more embrace. (I must confess that oft-maligned Facebook will be a wonderful way to stay connected to so many of these good folks!)

Our travels from the valley have been smooth and blessed. Lots of straight road to start with –
The road between the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio. A whole lot of nuttin'.
a wonderful couple of days with dear friends who are situated near Canyon Lake (north of San Antonio), and then on through Houston
Happy for the sunshine and that we're north of Houston, but it's still a bit too much traffic for my comfort zone. #givemeacountryroad
and North in I45 to Huntsville, TX – home of Sam Houston State University
Hello, giant Sam Houston!
and a giant Sam Houston!

Which brings us to right now. 🙂 So I think we’ve caught our breath and we’re ready to get into the new project. Where we’ll fall in love with more wonderful new and old friends and get to see God working in a new and fresh way once again. God has been so kind to us!

Oh, I did leave something behind in the Rio Grande Valley that I’m in no hurry to ever find again.
Twenty pounds. Whoohooo!!!!

(No real reason for this picture, I just liked it and thought I’d share!)

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