A bit of touristing

It’s been pretty quiet on the sightseeing front lately here at RVthereyet. Except for a couple of runs to South Padre Island and a couple of dips into Progresso, Mexico, the last five months have found us staying pretty close to home.  Now that we’re in a whole new neck of the woods (about 90 minutes north of Houston), it seems only right that we make a bit more effort to see what there is to see!  And so, with just a minimal agenda in mind, we set out on Friday morning to investigate College Station.  But first we had to get there!
The drive was pretty “East Texas” – lots of cattle and small towns and open fields.
That didn’t seem like quite enough of a scarecrow to do the job, but then again we didn’t see any birds around, so maybe we’re underestimating his scaring power!
We also noticed (in an otherwise open field) these two rows of boxes.
Any idea what they might be for?
Bees? This was the mystery of the day!
But soon we were in College Station – home to (among other things) Texas A&M.
There it is –
We didn’t actually drive through the main part of the campus, but since our primary destination was on the campus we can say we were there, right? We were headed for the George (H.W.) Bush Presidential Museum and Library.
We really enjoyed the museum. It had lots of history (both personal and political) and was very well done.
2014 03 21
There was even an exact replica of the Oval Office the way it looked during President Bush’s tenure in office.
AND – you were even allowed to see how the desk “fit”.
Or maybe this…..
Oh, dear!
It was a great day out which included not only a nice lunch date, but also a stop at Lowes (for Gary) and a quilt shop (for me!). Gotta love civilization!
The rest of the weekend included some serious (and sadly overdue) housekeeping, a great seafood dinner in Livingston, a couple of naps and a bit of birthday cake in celebration of another SOWER’s birthday.
I don’t know how much more “touristing” we’ll be able to fit in (we’re only here for another week and a half and it’s filling up fast!), but if nothing else I’m hoping for a trip to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory in Brenham, TX. You don’t think 90 miles is too far for free ice cream, do you?
I’ll let you know how it works out!


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