We’ve been in Trinity, Texas, for the last three weeks as we’ve served here at Trinity Pines Conference Center.
Trinity is, I believe, a pretty typical small Texas town.
It has a Home Town Hero,
and while the main drag is probably a bit quieter than they would like
the town does have the essentials.
A place to buy your groceries
and if you look the other way, there’s required DQ (aka Texas Stop Sign), pizza joint, and fast food options.
There are churches (both in town and outside of town)
and even spots to enjoy a bit of local fare!
While it is a quiet little town, it is also has other essentials – like a new medical center and a sweet little quilt shop!(Ok, so that might not be on everyone’s “essential list”, but it sure perked me up!)
I have to confess,though, that this guy is what first caught our eye as we headed into our March project –
Trinity Sculpture-13
The big spikey guy on the corner!
Trinity Sculpture-14
But as is so often the case, there’s more to that story, too! When we noticed the whimsical birdhouse tucked behind Spikey Guy
Trinity Sculpture-1
we decided further investigation was in order! One day as we drove by (after a great lunch at the Trinity Cafe) we noticed a guy getting out of a truck parked at the building that seemed to go with the corner lot. Gary pulled over and hopped out to get the story. (If my kids are reading this they’re saying, “Wait – DAD hopped out to talk to a stranger?” Honest, it’s true!). And we are so glad he did!
We got to meet Jim Robertson, the artist in residence at “Overdrive Studio“.
And what fun to get a quick tour of his working studio-
Trinity Sculpture-5
Trinity Sculpture-4
Trinity Sculpture-3
This baby is actually road-worthy and has been used in many local (and not so local) parades!
Trinity Sculpture-8
But the fact that he takes stuff from piles like these –
Trinity Sculpture-11
and designs and makes stuff like this
Trinity Sculpture-10
is amazing!
Trinity Sculpture-9
Of course it’s not all railroad spikes and futuristic vehicles –
Trinity Sculpture-7
some of it is quite whimsical!
Trinity Sculpture-12
Just goes to show you, it never hurts to stop and ask! We also were able to get the rest of the story on Spikey Guy. That sculpture is actually based on this 19th century Siberian bear hunting armor –
Doesn’t that look comfy for a long day on the hunt!
I must confess, however, that even though we now know the whole story behind that piece of art, he’s still kinda creepy when you drive by at night!
Trinity Sculpture-15
Gotta love Small Town, USA!

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