Back a week or so….

I’m so far behind on this dear little blog – kudos to those of you that keep checking in! I figured instead of trying to condense everything into just one post, I’d do a couple of entries to try and keep things straight. And first up will be the wrap up of our March project at Trinity Pines Conference Center. It was a great project, and with a team of 11 couples, much was accomplished!

Remember when we started? (And this photo was taken two days into the project so it isn’t really the beginning.)
Well, a mere 10 working days later, these are just some of the things that were accomplished –

6000 sq ft of concrete was scrapped and scrubbed.
5 electric palm sanders were often going at once.
(Thank goodness for ear plugs!)

28 doors were hung and framed.

11 gallons of Sand and Seal were applied.
2250 ft. of trim was sanded, sealed, sanded, sealed.
100 outlets and switches were wired.

8 bathroom vanities were built
and rough plumbed.
1680′ of lumber was cut and routed for new bunks.
And 20 4′ florescent lights were installed
along with all of the other light fixtures in the building.

Elsewhere around the property –

50 bathroom lighting fixtures were switched out.
1500′ of water pipe was laid.

There was something for everyone to do. Our ladies that couldn’t help with the construction worked on items for the gift shop or helped out in the kitchen. There were so very few idle moments at Trinity Pines in the month of March.
But please don’t think we were all work and no play. Not only did we manage to fit in some fun game nights, we also enjoyed some fine food events too!
Homemade Waffles and Ice Cream!
And the perennial favorite –
The good life!
Hot Dog Roast. Who brought the mustard?

All is quiet now at the building –
and the checklists have been taken down.
But these good folks will remain as dear friends even though many miles may separate us in the years to come.
To God be all the Glory! It was a great month!

3 thoughts on “Back a week or so….”

  1. I think the best thing to say is WOW! How special for the people there. PTL And I hope you are heading to Montrose? We may get spring sometime 🙂 It actually might go up to 60 this week if even for a brief time. My daffodils have actually been brave enough to stick there little heads out of the ground but it is going to be awhile before there are flowers. Hope to see you soon.
    Safe travels to where ever you are headed 🙂 Barb

  2. Hi, Barb! We ARE heading back to Montrose this summer, but we won’t be arriving until early June. We’re looking forward to one more summer in the endless mountains :). See you then!

  3. Steph, Oh good. Hoping you were coming our way again. It was actually 70 degrees today and we weary of the bad weather people are rejoicing! It was a lovely Palm Sunday! See you soon. Barb

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